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Mr. Boots

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The Journey Continues...

Mr. Boots

Mr. Boots' journey began in Mexico when he was just a puppy, found with both of his back feet purposely severed. A compassionate woman discovered him on the streets and took him in, seeking help for the injured pup. On the International Bridge, she connected with another woman who agreed to take over Mr. Boots' care.

Upon reaching a vet's office, it became clear that Mr. Boots would require new feet to lead an easier life. A series of phone calls led him through different shelters until he eventually found himself in Texas. The shelter diligently reached out to other organizations, eventually reaching out to Saving Sadie to inquire if they could aid in Mr. Boots' rehabilitation.

After accepting the responsibility, Mr. Boots was one of 27 dogs transported from Texas to a new shelter in Wisconsin. Despite his severe injuries, he remained the most spirited among the group. He embarked on a new journey with Joal, the start of his rehabilitation and the quest for new feet.

Numerous appointments followed, and it was determined that Mr. Boots would require specialized casting to provide him with new boots. The ongoing effort focuses on ensuring Mr. Boots' comfort, alleviating his pain, and ultimately securing him new boots to improve his quality of life.

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Mr. Boots

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