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Sadie in field

Our Story

How Saving Sadie Began

Sadie was found bleeding and alone in the mountains of Kentucky. She had been left to die after delivering a litter of puppies, with a bullet hole between her eyes and another in her back. After she was found, she was taken to a veterinarian and then transported to a no-kill shelter in Wisconsin by Starfish Animal Rescue. 

Joal saw Sadie while donating blankets to the shelter, and before walking out, she realized she just had to know Sadie's story. A volunteer at the shelter expressed that they didn't think anyone would ever want her.  It took no time for Joal to realize she wanted to help and took Sadie to the doctor. After her examination by the first doctor, it was recommended to get a support cart to help her walk because there was a presence of bullets and shrapnel within Sadie. The second doctor expressed that Sadie was incontinent and couldn't walk and that "the right thing should be done." Joal refused to give up and decided she was going to move forward with helping Sadie.

Years of love, therapy, medical treatment, and devotion made a huge difference for Sadie both physically and emotionally.  The dog that nobody wanted, became a happy, healthy, and thriving dog who was able to "walk," hop, swim, and play!

Sadie was the inspiration and heart behind the start of Saving Sadie in 2012. It was later formed into a nonprofit to help other dogs with special needs just like Sadie.

Joal & Sadie

Sadie was a dog they thought nobody wanted. They were wrong.

Saving Sadie Book

Want the read the rest of Sadie's inspiring, uplifting story?

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