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Sadie & Mr boots

A Nonprofit Helping Special
Needs Dogs

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Meet Mr. Boots

The Journey Continues...

Ever since the passing of Sadie, Mr. Boots has assumed the role of the organization's Ambassadog, dedicated to advancing our mission of assisting dogs with special needs. Mr. Boots' remarkable journey commenced when he was abandoned on the side of a road in Mexico with his back feet purposely cut off. His odyssey has brought us to our current endeavors, where we continue to focus on his rehabilitation and providing him with new feet via prosthetics.  You can find the full account of his story below. Please support our cause through a donation to help not only Mr. Boots in his journey, but to other dogs who have been dealt a similar fate.

Mr. Boots

What is Saving Sadie?

A Nonprofit for Special Needs Dogs

Saving Sadie is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting dogs with special needs everywhere. Our story commenced with Sadie, a gentle soul who has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Sadie endured a tragic ordeal, being shot between the eyes after giving birth and abandoned to her fate in the mountains. Her resilience sparked the inception of this remarkable cause, aimed at supporting both animals and individuals with special needs. For a deeper understanding of Saving Sadie's origins, mission, and organizational objectives, please click the link below.

Sadie in field

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